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A precious piece
of history

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution in the 1950's, Mao Tse-Tung ordered Red Guards across the country to smash the 'Four Olds' - these were old habits, ideas, customs and culture. Tragically a vast amount of Chinese antiquities, including rare and ancient porcelain from a period of over 5000 years of history, were lost forever.

The porcelain that miraculously survived and which remains intact today is now worth a fortune, as the Chinese desperately try to hold onto what remains of their extensive and rich history. As for some of the damaged, but nonetheless precious 17th-19th century porcelain pieces left, they have been given a new lease of life in this collection so that they can be treasured once again.

- Unique -

Every ring or set of
earrings is one of a kind

 The Chinese Cultural Revolution,  Google Images

The Chinese Cultural Revolution, Google Images

- Made from -

Antique Chinese porcelain
set in sterling silver

 Four Olds Poster,  Pinterest.

Four Olds Poster, Pinterest.

Beautiful porcelain vases were smashed to the ground and completely lost forever.
— Unknown