Jewellery that has a story to tell


Lovelocks, Emeishan, China . Pinterest.

Lovelocks, Emeishan, China. Pinterest.

True Love,  Pinterest.

True Love, Pinterest.

a tale of love

Originally a Chinese tradition dating back many years, the Lovelock is a keyless padlock which lover's use to make a promise or say a prayer for everlasting love, by leaving the lock permanently attached to railings at the top of a sacred mountain or auspicious place.

It's thought that the ritual originated at Huangshan, a holy Taoist mountain in China. Inspired by an old story of a beautiful girl that lived nearby, who was forbidden by her father to marry a poor boy whom she'd fallen in love with. Against her father's wishes, they both ran away to the mountain and threw themselves off the cliff so that they could be in love forever.

A true love story never ends.
— Unknown
Artist Li Huayi,  Pinterest.

Artist Li Huayi, Pinterest.

- Made from -

Sterling silver with 24ct matte gold finish
on an adjustable leather cord.
Available in Rouge, Teal or White.