Jewellery that has a story to tell


Jewellery with Soul

The Narratorium is home to a timeless collection of jewellery that tell stories from around the world. Each evocative collection carries a different thoughtful and moving message or sentiment, an old antique or concept, cultural tradition or ritual to be treasured.

Style with substance

A diverse collection of stylish, unique and beautifully designed jewellery.

"The Narratorium is for the style conscious, looking for something every bit as interesting and unique as they are, or the person they're buying for."

Bold and minimal statement pieces that carry a meaningful message, a piece of jewellery that has something to say, a fascinating story to tell.

Inspired by the world

The world, it’s diverse cultures, people, history and fascinating stories are the inspiration behind the Narratorium. Ancient narratives from around the globe from words of wisdom and tales of love, to lucky symbols for wealth and prosperity. Each piece is a modern talisman linked back to an old myth or story from the ancient, rich cultures of our planet.

Hand Finished

Most of our jewellery is lovingly hand made or hand finished. The very nature of our unusual materials such as silk, porcelain and antique objects mean that a lot of time has been taken to sculpt, set and make the final piece.

Unique & Limited Editions

A handful of our beautiful collections are made from unique, antique or vintage objects that have been lovingly re-imagined and redesigned into something to be treasured. These pieces are one of kind, no two pieces the same and are often limited collections.

Those who tell stories
rule the world.
— Native American Proverb


British Made

All of our jewellery collections are made in the UK. We work with British suppliers and manufacturers, as well as at our workshop.

Working this way helps us to ensure that all of our jewellery is:

  • Finished to a high quality

  • Ethically sourced and produced

  • Minimising our carbon footprint

Recycled & Fairtrade

Keen to operate as ethically minded as possible, the Narratorium is continually looking for ways in which to uphold our principles around sustainability, recycling and up-cycling as well as fairtrade.

The Narratorium not only up-cycles various antique and vintage bric-a-brac into our beautiful jewellery collections, but also works with recycled 'eco' silver where possible and is currently looking into ways of working with more recycled and fairtrade metals. The majority of our packaging is also made from recycled and recyclable card or paper.



Our jewellery is hallmarked with our own makers mark at the London Assay Office.

Hallmarked in London